Are you a high school senior ready to conquer the world? A head-over-heels bride who can't wait to say "I do?" Either way, the feelings coursing through your veins right now are once-in-a-lifetime. And you want to remember them years from now as you look back at photos of these special moments.

I get it. That's why I started photography as a hobby in 2013 when my first child was born. Watching her discover the world was amazing, and I wanted to remember every moment.

Then I discovered something: my passion for photography! Now through Shea Hall Photography, I love helping you remember the most precious moments in your life.

Deep down, I'm just a small town girl who loves spending time with family and friends. You will typically find me outside, hanging out with my crazy kiddos or planning our next camping trip. I have two kids and an amazing husband who supports me in everything I do(even when he thinks I'm crazy!).

A few more things I love: blush pink, sweat tea, babies(of any creature), country music, white sandy beaches (specifically on the Grand Cayman), animals of all sorts, and kind-hearted people. And I'd love to meet you!